Designed by Gen Kaneko


Depository of Reference for Earth and Analytical Materials

Designed by Gen Kaneko


Here are the unique functions provided by DREAM as a depository to store material samples and its analytical data.

Storage and history management of material sample

  • Sample management with genetic and tenant hierarchy
  • Samples reffered by a published paper will be divided into many physical forms with genetic hierarchy(i.e., thin section, powder, and solution) and, for chemical analysis, they are distributed inlaboratories for specific instrument with tenant hierarchy (i.e., No.102 box in shelf A in room for XRF).

  • Sample management with QR code
  • All the samples stored in DREAM have its own QR code. By scanning the QR code you can check where and how long the samples are stored and keep track how they are circulated in laboratories.

    Hardwere and application for the registration of information

  • Sample management with Android device and digital scale
  • Almost all the works necessary for registrating and updating the information can be completed with an Android device. The device with the applcation Sisyphus enables the unitary management of sample such as the registerating of new information at fieldsites,and constracting of famiry hierarchy, updating information, and printing QR code label at laboratories.

    Sample management with database

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