Designed by Gen Kaneko


Depository of Reference for Earth and Analytical Materials

Designed by Gen Kaneko


We have constructed a rock depository named DREAM (Depository of References for Earth and Analytical Materials) in our institute. It has become clear that, to organize the rocks in the depository, to curate the rocks themselves, and to archive any and all geochemical datasets, specialized software is required. Our needs have shown that the software should document the origin of a rock, its current storage location, the relationship, if any between the original rock and any sub-samples, and correlate any and all geochemical datasets associated with the rock. To meet these needs we have developed a software package that we call Medusa. It can be installed on a PC and utilized in any laboratory and should help geochemists curate materials independently from publication and on-line database systems.

  • We run database `Echo' for public (index), staging (index edit), and local.
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