A0078-16 < 20210916072104-093781 > pub
  • technique: ICPMS with isotope dilution and internal standardization
  • device: iCAP TQ ICP-MS
  • operator: Chie
  • modified at 2021-09-16
  • stone: A0078-16
measured value uncertainty unit description
[Li] 1.73136e-06 g/g
[Be] 2.75975e-08 g/g
[Na] 0.004869072 g/g
[Mg] 0.130989051 g/g
[Al] 0.011129763 g/g
[Si] 0.139390844 g/g
[P] 0.000768252 g/g
[K] 0.000556833 g/g
[Ca] 0.005834229 g/g
[Sc] 6.63315e-06 g/g
[V] 6.50155e-05 g/g
[Mn] 0.001337241 g/g
[Fe] 0.252711907 g/g
[Co] 0.000665936 g/g
[Ni] 0.013082608 g/g
[Cu] 7.33099e-05 g/g
[Zn] 0.000348638 g/g
[Ga] 1.20892e-05 g/g
[Rb] 2.58603e-06 g/g
[Sr] 4.94737e-06 g/g
[Y] 9.5345e-07 g/g
[Cd] 7.38447e-07 g/g
[In] 0.000304276 g/g
[Cs] 2.27947e-07 g/g
[Ba] 2.12618e-06 g/g
[La] 1.51658e-07 g/g
[Ce] 4.04356e-07 g/g
[Pr] 6.05473e-08 g/g
[Nd] 3.27965e-07 g/g
[Sm] 9.34362e-08 g/g
[Eu] 4.05912e-08 g/g
[Gd] 1.27885e-07 g/g
[Tb] 2.50466e-08 g/g
[Dy] 1.83578e-07 g/g
[Ho] 4.00182e-08 g/g
[Er] 1.29103e-07 g/g
[Tm] 1.96679e-08 g/g
[Yb] 1.30669e-07 g/g
[Lu] 1.9381e-08 g/g
[Tl] 8.84017e-08 g/g
[Pb] 3.21352e-06 g/g
[Bi] 1.18713e-07 g/g
[Th] 2.44938e-08 g/g
[U] 7.00051e-09 g/g
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