Brophy et al. (2011) In situ ion-microprobe determination of trace element partition coefficients for hornblende, plagioclase, orthopyroxene, and apatite in equilibrium with natural rhyolitic glass, Little Glass Mountain Rhyolite, California, American Mineralogist, 96, 1838-1850, doi:10.2138/am.2011.3857. < 20200115135901-721580 > pub

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  • abstract:

    Partially crystalline hornblende gabbro inclusions from the Little Glass Mountain Rhyolite contain euhedral plagioclase, orthopyroxene, hornblende, and apatite crystals in contact with interstitial rhyolitic (71–76% SiO2) glass. Textural and mineral compositional data indicate that the gabbros crystallized sufficiently slowly that surface equilibrium was closely approached at the interface between crystals and the liquid. This rare occurrence represents a natural dynamic crystallization experiment with a “run time” that is not realistically achievable in the laboratory. SIMS analysis of mineral rim-glass pairs have permitted the determination of high-quality, equilibrium trace-element partition coefficients for all four minerals. These data augment the limited partition coefficient database for minerals in high-SiO2 rhyolitic systems. For all minerals, the D values are consistent with those anticipated from crystal-chemical considerations. These data further support a liquid SiO2 control on the REEs (and presumably other elements) partitioning wherein D values systematically increase with increasing liquid SiO2 content.

  • doi: 10.2138/am.2011.3857
  • modified at 2020-07-30
1: 661M-c_glass

(a) EPMA on EPMA
1: 661M-c_Ol 2: 661M-c_Aug 3: 661M-c_Opx_core 4: 661M-c_Opx_rim 5: 661M-c_Amp_core 6: 661M-c_Amp_rim 7: 661M-c_Pl_core 8: 661M-c_Pl_rim 9: 661M-c_Mt 10: 661M-c_Il

(a) EPMA on EPMA
1: 661M-c_glass 2: 661M-c_Amp 3: 661M-c_Pl 4: 661M-c_Opx

(a) SIMS on SIMS Cameca ims-5f
1: 661M-c_bulk

(a) XRF and LOI on XRF PANalytical PW2400
Jb 661m c thumb jgb-gabbro-661mc < 20100217171755913.tota >pub
  • classification: plutonic:mafic
  • physical-form: thin section
  • status: (unknown)
  • description: This thin section is prepared by Jim G. Brophy.
  • modified at 2020-01-15
name device size global-id
661M-c_glass pub EPMA 10 20200115154532-908933
661M-c_glass pub SIMS Cameca ims-5f 18 20200116112256-348763
661M-c_Aug pub EPMA 13 20200115162210-692100
661M-c_Opx_rim pub EPMA 13 20200115164148-396128
661M-c_Amp_core pub EPMA 12 20200115164631-879207
661M-c_Amp_rim pub EPMA 12 20200115165124-617812
661M-c_Ol pub EPMA 8 20200115161743-888247
661M-c_Il pub EPMA 7 20200116105654-836001
661M-c_Mt pub EPMA 9 20200116110111-704239
661M-c_Opx_core pub EPMA 13 20200115163719-274256
661M-c_Pl_rim pub EPMA 10 20200116104438-932723
661M-c_Pl_core pub EPMA 10 20200116104001-021676
661M-c_Opx pub SIMS Cameca ims-5f 17 20200116112258-199216
661M-c_Pl pub SIMS Cameca ims-5f 18 20200116112257-447011
661M-c_Amp pub SIMS Cameca ims-5f 18 20200116112257-451393
661M-c_bulk pub ICPMS 19 20200115151826-321014
661M-c_bulk pub XRF PANalytical PW2400 12 20200115151254-199482
name spots global-id
caption ID rowname stone
Table 2. Average glass compositions pub 20200115154936-099266 major_glass (Brophy et al., 2011) 1
Table 3-4. Average silicate mineral and Fe-oxide compositions pub 20200115161446-828792 major+modal_min (Brophy et al, 2011) 10
Table 5. Average glass and mineral rim trace-element compositions pub 20200116112518-542347 trace-spots (Brophy, 2011) 4
Table 1. Bulk chemical compositions of the gabbroic inclusions pub 20200115153353-655813 major-trace (Brophy et al., 2011) 1
  • name
  • Brophy, James G.
  • Ota, Tsutomu
  • Kunihiro, Tak
  • Tsujimori, Tatsuki
  • Nakamura, Eizo