Ono et al. (2008) Isotope Fluctuation in Indium-Lead Alloy Induced by Solid Centrifugation, Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 45, 108-110, doi:10.1080/00223131.2008.10875989. < 20200414142615-700866 > pub
  • abstract:

    The atomic-scale graded structure of In-Pb alloy was formed by an ultracentrifuge experiment under conditions that a gravitational field of 0.81 × 106G for 100 hours at 150°C (solid state) in our previous study. The isotope fluctuation on this sample was measured using secondary ion mass spectrometer (SIMS). The 115In/113In isotope ratio changed with positive gradient in the direction of centrifugal force approximately 1.2%. The isotope ratio fluctuation of centrifuged sample was 4 times larger than that of starting sample (<0.3%). This showed that the isotope fractionation effect was induced by solid centrifugation in this alloy, although achieved concentration gradients were small.

  • doi: 10.1080/00223131.2008.10875989
  • modified at 2020-04-14
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  • Ono, Masao
  • Iguchi, Yusuke
  • Okayasu, Satoru
  • Esaka, Fumitaka
  • Kobayashi, Katsura
  • Hao, Ting
  • Bagum, Rabaya
  • Osawa, Takahito
  • Fujii, Kimio
  • Nakamura, Eizo
  • Mashimo, Tsutomu