Chang et al. (2003) Purification of Mg from low-Mg biogenic carbonates for isotope ratio determination using multiple collector ICP-MS, Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 18, 296-301, doi:10.1039/B210977H. < 20200420145627-400800 > pub
  • abstract:

    A technique for separation of Mg, with 100% yield from low-Mg biogenic carbonates has been developed suitable for high precision analysis of Mg isotopes by multiple-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Two separate stages of ion-exchange chromatography were carried out using cation exchange resin, AG50W-X12 with a Mg recovery >99.9%. The repeatability of the Mg isotope ratio measurement using this technique including chemistry and mass spectrometry is ±0.14‰ on δ26Mg and ±0.09‰ on δ25Mg at 95% confidence. This was demonstrated using a synthetic solution (Na∶Mg∶Ca∶Sr = 2∶1∶100∶1 in weight) over a period of six months. The robustness of the technique was further assessed by replicate analyses of three natural samples, seawater, foraminifera and dolomite. A total variation over 4.5‰ on δ26Mg was observed and the Mg isotope composition of seawater was 2.59 ± 0.14‰ on δ26Mg and 1.33 ± 0.09‰ on δ25Mg which were the highest isotope ratios among the samples measured.

  • doi: 10.1039/B210977H
  • modified at 2020-04-20
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  • Chang, Veronica T.-C.
  • Makishima, Akio
  • Belshawl, Nick S.
  • O'Nions, R.Keith