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binder of Accurate Isotopic and Concentration Analyses of Small Amounts of Pb Using Isotope Dilution Coupled with the Double Spike Technique pub container 20200207141145-955076
binder of Across-arc variation of Li isotopes in lavas and implicationsfor crust/mantle recycling at subduction zones pub container 20200213114258-302680
binder of Across-arc variations of isotope and trace element compositions from Quaternary basaltic volcanic rocks in northeastern Japan: Implications for Interaction between subducted oceanic slab and mantle wedge pub container 20191008093811-604841
binder of Assimilation and Fractional Crystallization Controlled by Transport Process of Crustal Melt: Implications from an Alkali Basalt-Dacite Suite from Rishiri Volcano, Japan pub container 20160212141225-640207
binder of Boron isotope geochemistry of metasedimentary rocks and tourmalines in a subduction zone metamorphic suite pub container 20190909091741-040186
binder of Boron isotope geochemistry of the oceanic crust from DSDP/ODP Hole 504B pub container 20200221094937-727336
binder of Boron isotope ratios in meteorites and lunar rocks pub container 20200214114050-093988
binder of Boron isotopic constraints on the source of Hawaiian shield lavas pub container 20190516133947-779816
binder of Boundary Layer Crystallization in a Basaltic Magma Chamber: Evidence from Rishiri Volcano, Northern Japan pub container 20160212142142-436852
binder of Boundary layer fractionation constrained by differential information from the Kutsugata lava flow, Rishiri Volcano, Japan pub container 20160212141959-319984
binder of Chemical geodynamics in a back arc region around the Sea of Japan: Implications for the genesis of alkaline basalts in Japan, Korea, and China pub container 20160212145752-255301
binder of Chemical geodynamics in the back-arc region of Japan based on the trace element and Sr-Nd isotopic compositions pub container 20160212150818-437177
binder of Comprehensive geochemical analyses of small amounts (< 100 mg) of extraterrestrial samples for the analytical competition related to the sample return mission MUSES-C pub container 20191011113925-709279
binder of Constraints on HIMU and EM by Sr and Nd isotopes re-examined pub container 20200212123848-017303
binder of Determination of boron in silicate samples by direct aspiration of sample HF solutions into ICPMS pub container 20191008093646-011231
binder of Determination of Chromium, Nickel, Copper and Zinc in Milligram Samples of Geological Materials Using Isotope Dilution High Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry pub container 20191009093952-951860
binder of Determination of Lithium Contents in silicates by Isotope Dilution ICP-MS and Its Evaluation by Isotope Dilution Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometry pub container 20191015111046-464739
binder of Determination of Major/Minor and Trace Elements in Silicate Samples by ICP-QMS and ICP-SFMS Applying Isotope Dilution-Internal Standardisation (ID-IS) and Multi-Stage Internal Standardisation pub container 20191127150012-373316
binder of Determination of molybdenum, antimony and tungsten at sub µg g-1 levels in geological materials by ID-FI-ICP-MS pub container 20191008113840-760973
binder of Determination of titanium at µg g-1 levels in milligramamounts of silicate materials by isotope dilution highresolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry with flow injection pub container 20191008132039-821596
binder of Determination of total sulfur at microgram per gram levels in geological materials by oxidation of sulfur into sulfate with in situ generation of bromine using isotope dilution high resolution ICPMS pub container 20191008140334-560010
binder of Determination of Zirconium, Niobium, Hafnium and Tantalum at ng g‐1 Levels in Geological Materials by Direct Nebulisation of Sample HF Solution into FI‐ICP‐MS pub container 20191008101208-891455
binder of Discovery of Archean continental and mantle fragments inferred from xenocrysts in komatiites, the Belingwe greenstone belt, Zimbabwe pub container 20191011144533-698725
binder of Elemental fractionation in lavas during post-eruptive degassing: Evidence from trachytic lavas, Rishiri Volcano, Japan pub container 20160212140726-313069
binder of Fate of the subducted Farallon plate inferred from eclogite xenoliths in the Colorado Plateau pub container 20200422134653-946702
binder of Geochemical Evolution of Akagi Volcano, NE Japan: Implications for Interaction Between Island-arc Magma and Lower Crust, and Generation of Isotopically Various Magmas pub container 20190529111215-864994
binder of Geochemical evolution of a shallow magma plumbing system during the last 500 years, Miyakejima volcano, Japan: Constraints from 238U-230Th-226Ra systematics pub container 20160212161446-596464
binder of Geochemical Evolution of Koolau Volcano, Hawaii pub container 20190516144435-807033
binder of Geochemical evolution of the Horoman peridotite complex: Implications for melt extraction, metasomatism, and compositional layering in the mantle pub container 20160212165245-864174
binder of Highly precise and accurate isotope analysis of small amounts of Pb using 205Pb-204Pb and 207Pb-204Pb, two double spikes pub container 20200210143840-445248
binder of Isotopic dating of Neoproterozoic crustal growth in the Usambara Mountains of Northeastern Tanzania: evidence for coeval crust formation in the Mozambique Belt and the Arabian–Nubian Shield pub container 20190906150946-736070
binder of K-Ar ages of basalts from the Higashi-Matsuura district, northwestern Kyushu, Japan and regional geochronology of the Cenozoic alkaline volcanic rocks in eastern Asia pub container 20160212151625-931102
binder of Lithium, boron and lead isotope and trace element systematics of Quaternary basaltic volcanic rocks in northeastern Japan: mineralogical controls on slab-derived fluid composition pub container 20191011155054-829618
binder of Lithium, boron, and lead isotope systematics of glass inclusions in olivines from Hawaiian lavas: evidence for recycled components in the Hawaiian plume pub container 20190531104755-289254
binder of Mantle metasomatism and rapid ascent of slab components beneath island arcs : Evidence from 238U-230Th-226Ra disequilibria of Miyakejima volcano, Izu arc, Japan pub container 20160212151408-778704
binder of Nd and Sr isotope mapping of the Archean-Proterozoic boundary in southeastern Tanzania using granites as probes for crustal growth pub container 20190906094311-382681
binder of Origin of the slab component in arc lavas from across-arc variation of B and Pb isotopes pub container 20200214153651-187726
binder of Petrology and Geochemistry of Eclogite Xenoliths form the Colorado Plateau: Implications for the Evolution of subducted Oceanic Crust pub container 20191017100413-831711
binder of Phenocryst crystallization during ascent of alkali basalt magma at Rishiri Volcano, northern Japan pub container 20160212141815-882243
binder of Precise analysis of the 228Ra/226Ra isotope ratio for short-lived U-series disequilibria in natural samples by total evaporation thermal ionization mass spectrometry (TE-TIMS) pub container 20191011113841-987060
binder of Precise boron isotopic analysis of natural rock samples using a boron-mannitol complex pub container 20200221110957-646811
binder of Precise determination of ferrous iron in silicate rocks pub container 20200212114041-404379
binder of Precise isotope analysis of nanogram-level Pb for natural rock samples without use of double spikes pub container 20191009110108-576304
binder of Precise isotope determination of trace amounts of Sr in magesium-rich samples pub container 20191126104052-444966
binder of Primordial Ce isotopic composition of the solar system pub container 20200219141810-779473
binder of Rb-Sr isotope systematics in a phlogopite-bearing spinel lherzolite and its implications for age and origin of metasomatism in the Horoman peridotite compltex, Hokkaido, Japan by Yoshikawa, M. et al. (1993) pub container 20190426103644-187694
binder of Replenishment of a mafic magma in a zoned felsic magma chamber beneath Rishiri Volcano, Japan pub container 20160212141405-921059
binder of Search for p-isotopic anomaly of cerium in the bulk Allende meteorite pub container 20200219105631-183311
binder of Separation of titanium from silicates for isotopic ratio determination using multiple collector ICP-MS pub container 20200212104102-397844
binder of Shift and rotation of composition trends by magma mixing: 1983 eruption at Miyake-jima volcano, Japan pub container 20160212154841-139458
binder of Sm-Nd garnet ages from the Uluguru granulite complex of Eastern Tanzania: further evidence for post-metamorphic slow cooling in the Mozambique belt pub container 20190905143551-637723
binder of Suppression of matrix effects in ICP-MS by high power operationof ICP: Application to precise determination of Rb, Sr, Y, Cs, Ba, REE, Pb, Th and U at ng g(-1) levels in milligram silicate samples pub container 20191008093554-578467
binder of The Geochemistry of Ultramafic to Mafic Volcanics from the Belingwe Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe: Magmatism in an Archean Continental Large Igneous Province pub container 20191031102316-213707
binder of Timing and trigger of arc volcanism controlled by fluid flushing from subducting slab pub container 20160212165921-910433

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