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Aeolian-Dust-Derived Micaceous Minerals Control Radiocesium Retention in Andosols in Japan pub 20200330095918-357066
The oxygen isotope composition of San Carlos olivine on the VSMOW2‐SLAP2 scale pub 20200327141523-709762
Origin of the ‘Ghost Plagioclase’ Signature in Galapagos Melt Inclusions: New Evidence from Pb Isotopes pub 20200331095256-492068
Devolatilization history and trace element mobility in deeply subducted sedimentary rocks: Evidence from Western Alps HP/UHP suites pub 20200331143220-454709
The influence of aeolian dust in non-allophanic Andosols on Yakushima Island pub 20200402151755-826667
Provenance and reconnaissance study of detrital zircons of the Palaeozoic Cape Supergroup in South Africa: revealing the interaction of the Kalahari and Río de la Plata cratons pub 20200407095805-054641
Melt inclusion Pb-isotope analysis by LA–MC-ICPMS: Assessment of analytical performance and application to OIB genesis pub 20200407132633-552749
Chemical and boron isotopic variations of tourmaline in the Hnilec granite-related hydrothermal system, Slovakia: Constraints on magmatic and metamorphic fluid evolution pub 20100403101830180.admin
Gravity-induced diffusion of isotope atoms in monoatomic solid Se pub 20100403102546217.admin
Isotope Separation by Condensed Matter Centrifugation: Sedimentation of Isotope Atoms in Se pub 20200413154402-056813
Direct measurements of impact devolatillization of calcite using a laser gun. pub 20100403102546505.admin
Isotope Fluctuation in Indium-Lead Alloy Induced by Solid Centrifugation pub 20200414142615-700866
The lithium, boron and strontium isotopic systematics of groundwaters from an arid aquifer system: Implications for recharge and weathering processes pub 20200331152058-847450
Two new eucrite breccias from Northwest Africa pub 20200401144845-586876
Degassing, crystallization and eruption dynamics at Stromboli: trace element and lithium isotopic evidence from 2003 ashes pub 20100403102859038.admin
An assessment of upper mantle heterogeneity based on abyssal peridotite isotopic compositions pub 20100403102859188.admin
Formation of supercontinents linked to increases in atmospheric oxygen pub 20100403101829879.admin
Eclogite-high-pressure granulite metamorphism records early collision in West Gondwana: new data from the Southern Brasilia Belt, Brazil pub 20100403102858849.admin
Garnet Lu-Hf dating of retrograde fluid activity during ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic eclogites exhumation pub 20100403102547480.admin
Solar composition from the Genesis Discovery Mission pub 20200509143402-485139
The Oxygen Isotopic Composition of the Sun Inferred from Captured Solar Wind pub 20200509145952-989879
World's youngest blueschist belt from Leti Island in the non-volcanic Banda outer arc of Eastern Indonesia pub 20200509153215-347840
Lithospheric‐folding‐based understanding on the origin of the back‐arc basaltic magmatism beneath Jeju volcanic island pub 20200509140327-537327
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