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Precise isotopic determination of Hf and Pb at sub-nano gram levels by MC-ICP-MS employing a newly designed sample cone and a pre-amplifier with a 1012 ohm register pub 20200408094144-918473
Suppression of Zr, Nb, Hf and Ta coprecipitation in fluoride compounds for determination in Ca-rich materials pub 20200421152248-467590
Response to “Comment by W.R.Kelly, R.D.Vocke, Jr., and J.L.Mann on ‘Determination of total S at microgram g-1 levels in geological materials by oxidation of S into SO₄²- with in situ generation of Br using ID-HR ICPMS' by A. Makishima and E. Nakamura pub 20200423143334-226504
U-Pb isotope systematics of micro-zircon inclusions pub 20200423154807-599511
A Group Separation Method for Ruthenium, Palladium, Rhenium, Osmium, Iridium, and Platinum Using Their Bromo Complexes and an Anion Exchange Resin pub 20200424102100-767463
Separation of Thorium and Uranium from Silicate Rock Samples Using Two Commercial Extraction Chromatographic Resins pub 20200428135206-118379
Evaluation of the coprecipitation of incompatible trace elements with fluoride during silicate rock dissolution by acid digestion pub 20200428161305-385848
High-yield lithium separation and the precise isotopic analysis for natural rock and aqueous samples pub 20200428164146-673037
Static multicollection of Cs2BO2+ ions for precise boron isotope analysis with positive thermal ionization mass spectrometry pub 20200428190721-150310
Determination of Os and Re Isotope Ratios at Subpicogam Levels Using MC-ICPMS with Solution Nebulization and Multiple Ion Counting pub 20100403101826454.admin
Development of precise isotope analyses of U-series nuclides for the study of U-series disequilibria in magma processes pub 20200417134525-433913
Magmatic differentiation examined with a numerical model considering multicomponent thermodynamics and momentum, energy and species transport pub 20200417153322-621470
Formation and suppression of AlF3 during HF digestion of rock samples in Teflon bomb for precise trace element analyses by ICP-MS and ID-TIMS pub 20200424104809-480427
Precise analysis of 234U/238U ratio using UO2+ ion with thermal ionization mass spectrometry for natural samples pub 20200424110458-827721
Thermal and compositional evolution of a cooling magma chamber by boundary layer Fractionation: model and its application for primary magma estimation pub 20200424155202-572685
Trace element diffusion in jadeite and diopside melts at high pressures and its geochemical implication pub 20200428185212-294940
Diffusivities of Rare Earth Elements and Ba in Magmatic Silicate Melts at High Pressures pub 20200428203222-308595
The Arc Lavas of the Shirahama Group, Japan: Sr and Nd Isotopic Data Indicate Mantle-Derived Bimodal Magmatism pub 20200430115817-370397
Experimental Study of the Slab-mantle Interaction and Implications for the Formation of Titanoclinohumite at Deep Subduction Zone pub 20200501154915-274389
A review isotope geochemical studies for Iceland. I. Isotope-Geochemical characterization of Icelandic hot spot pub 20200501161128-904796
A review isotope geochemical studies for Iceland. II. Origin of felsic rocks in Iceland pub 20200501162000-354336
Ce isotope ratios of N-type MORB pub 20200501163450-808315
Review in zirconology. III. Rare-earth element geochemistry of zircon pub 20200501164413-342369
New constraints on the 138La β-decay constant based on a geochronological study of granites from the Yilgarn Block, Western Australia pub 20200502173200-701172
Geochemistry and cosmochemistry of lithium: utility of the Li isotopes as a geochemical tracer pub 20200507092418-811589
Boron isotope systematics of marine sediments pub 20200502164345-044198
Review in zirconology. I. Progress in U-Pb dating of zircon pub 20200502171437-539295
Review in zirconology. II. Saturation and REE partitioning of accessory minerals pub 20200502172436-925469
Precise Lithium Isotopic Analysis by Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry Using Lithium Phosphate as an Ion Source Material pub 20200507091438-803643
The origin of p-isotopes and their isotopic anomalies pub 20200507103733-930850
The Albedo of Ryugu: Evidence for a High Organic Abundance, as Inferred from the Hayabusa2 Touchdown Maneuver pub 20200615141955-918568
Blueschists, eclogites, and subduction zone tectonics: Insights from a review of Late Miocene blueschists and eclogites, and related young high-pressure metamorphic rocks pub 20200408103127-996900
Precise Elemental and Isotopic Analyses in Silicate Samples Employing ICP-MS: Application of Hydrofluoric Acid Solution and Analytical Techniques pub 20100403102548197.admin
Suppression of Boron Volatilization from a Hydrofluoric Acid Solution Using a Boron-Mannitol Complex pub 20200928064742-355846
The Influence of subducting processes on the geochemistry of Japanese alkaline basalts pub 20200914013216-024492
K-Ar ages of Sangun metamorphic rocks from Yamaguchi Prefecture and their geological significance pub 20200914050141-495747
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