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Multiple generations of forearc mafic-ultramafic rocks in the Timor-Tanimbar ophiolite, eastern Indonesia. pub 20100403101827829.admin
Sedimentation of isotope atomes in monatomic liquid Se pub 20100403101828580.admin
Geology of the Gorny Altai subduction–accretion complex, southern Siberia: Tectonic evolution of an Ediacaran–Cambrian intra-oceanic arc-trench system pub 20200207100233-264818
Boron and lead isotope signatures of subduction-zone mélange formation: Hybridization and fractionation along the slab-mantle interface beneath volcanic arcs pub 20100403101828030.admin
Transformation of Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle through Peridotite–Melt Reaction: Evidence from a Highly Fertile Mantle Xenolith from the North China Craton pub 20200416094627-859297
Elemental mixing systematics and Sr-Nd isotope geochemistry of mélange formation: obstacles to identification of fluid sources to arc volcanics pub 20100403101826188.admin
Large lgneous Provinces and the Mantle Plume Hypothesis pub 20200416144146-640925
In-situ U-Pb SIMS dating and trace element (EPMA) composition of zircon from a granodiorite porphyry in the Wushan copper deposit, China pub 20200416145852-383227
Mg and Ca isotope fractionation during CaCO3 biomineralisation pub 20200417141709-628616
Ultrahigh‐pressure metabasaltic garnets as probes into deep subduction zone chemical cycling pub 20200417144951-853924
Preface to “Lithium isotope geochemistry” pub 20200420103254-223053
Experimental constraints on crystallization differentiation in a deep magma ocean pub 20200420111849-851707
Purification of Mg from low-Mg biogenic carbonates for isotope ratio determination using multiple collector ICP-MS pub 20200420145627-400800
Sm–Nd mineral ages of pegmatite veins and their host rocks from Swat area, Chilas complex, northern Pakistan pub 20200422145606-157304
Partitioning of major elements between garnet-structured minerals and silicate melt at pressure of 3–15 GPa pub 20200424153336-739004
Possible eastward extension of Chinese collision belt in South Korea: The Imjingang belt pub 20200430110541-655901
Very-low-temperature record of the subduction process: A review of worldwide lawsonite eclogites pub 20100403101826904.admin
Carbon self-diffusion in a natural diamond pub 20200416153708-729821
U-Pb Zircon Dating of Regional Deformation in the Lower Crust of the Kohistan Arc pub 20200417110108-857904
Record in metamorphic tourmalines of subduction-zone devolatilization and boron cycling pub 20200420142838-770922
Sm–Nd dating of garnet granulites from the Kohistan complex, northern Pakistan pub 20200430142306-792933
Geochronology of alkali volcanism in Oki-Dogo Island, Southwest Japan: Geochemical evolution of basalts related to the opening of the Japan Sea pub 20200501170542-097943
Ion microprobe zircon U-Pb dating of the late Archaean metavolcanics and associated granites of the Musoma-Mara Greenstone Belt, Northeast Tanzania: Implications for the geological evolution of the Tanzania Craton pub 20100403101826504.admin
High precision measurement of titanium isotope ratios by plasma source mass spectrometry pub 20200512111309-637353
Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd isotopic systematics of the Hayachine-Miyamori ophiolitic complex: Melt generation process in the mantle wedge beneath an Ordovician island arc pub 20110909094300-367-875
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