locality of IC-0313 < 20160105100210-868048 > pub
  • country: Iceland
  • name: locality of IC-0313
  • latitude: N64°0′3.9″
  • longitude: W19°53′8.8″
  • description:
  • stone: IC-0313
  • modified at 2018-05-17
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
IC-0313 pub aliquot 0.965 kg 20110701091732-367-938
name distance (km) sample
locality of IC-0312 pub N63°59′58.2″, W19°51′59.2″ 2.159 IC-0312
locality of IC-0301 pub N64°0′37.5″, W19°48′53.7″ 7.956 IC-0301
locality of IC-0302 pub N64°1′13.6″, W19°47′3.0″ 11.515 IC-0302
locality of IC-0309 pub N64°0′7.3″, W19°46′44.2″ 11.893 IC-0309
locality of IC-0308 pub N63°59′55.8″, W19°46′40.2″ 12.019 IC-0308
locality of IC-0306 pub N63°59′55.9″, W19°46′7.1″ 13.042 IC-0306
locality of IC-0307 pub N63°59′55.9″, W19°46′7.1″ 13.042 IC-0307
locality of IC-0303 pub N64°0′51.3″, W19°46′7.2″ 13.119 IC-0303
locality of IC-0305 pub N64°0′40.4″, W19°45′43.1″ 13.828 IC-0305
locality of IC-0304 pub N64°1′9.0″, W19°44′48.9″ 15.588 IC-0304
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name country feature distance (km)