locality of ID-0212 < 20160105103605-495655 > pub
  • country: Iceland
  • name: locality of ID-0212
  • latitude: N63°58′38.8″
  • longitude: W19°35′9.9″
  • description:
  • stone: ID-0212
  • modified at 2018-05-17
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
ID-0212 pub aliquot 0.545 kg 20110629094507-667-652
name distance (km) sample
locality of ID-0209 pub N63°58′30.9″, W19°35′55.6″ 1.434 ID-0209
locality of ID-0313 pub N63°57′57.4″, W19°34′44.1″ 1.508 ID-0313
locality of ID-0311 pub N63°58′11.4″, W19°34′9.0″ 2.065 ID-0311
locality of ID-0206 pub N63°58′9.0″, W19°36′37.7″ 2.867 ID-0206
locality of ID-0205 pub N63°58′1.9″, W19°36′42.8″ 3.091 ID-0205
locality of ID-0307 pub N63°59′19.8″, W19°33′14.0″ 3.802 ID-0307
locality of ID-0308 pub N63°59′28.4″, W19°32′54.2″ 4.468 ID-0308
locality of ID-0103 pub N64°1′7.5″, W19°35′53.5″ 4.792 ID-0103
locality of ID-0309 pub N63°59′21.2″, W19°32′19.8″ 5.421 ID-0309
locality of IC-0110 pub N64°0′3.6″, W19°37′47.5″ 5.534 IC-0110
name spots global-id
name country feature distance (km)
Mundafellshraun Iceland lava area 0.729
Mundafell Iceland mountain 2.308
Hekla Iceland volcano 4.097
Rangárþing Ytra Iceland second-order administrative division 5.006
Vatnafjöll Iceland mountain 5.225
Litlahekla Iceland peak 5.515
Skjólkvíarhraun Iceland lava area 5.976
Skjólkvíar Iceland crater(s) 6.045
Hringlandahraun Iceland lava area 6.457
Rauðaskál Iceland crater(s) 6.475