locality of IC-0206 < 20160105112502-487745 > pub
  • country: Iceland
  • name: locality of IC-0206
  • latitude: N64°1′20.0″
  • longitude: W19°38′10.7″
  • description:
  • stone: IC-0206
  • modified at 2018-05-17
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
IC-0206 pub aliquot 1.2 kg 20110714093412-443-398
name distance (km) sample
locality of IC-0201 pub N64°1′31.1″, W19°37′24.2″ 1.478 IC-0201
locality of IC-0110 pub N64°0′3.6″, W19°37′47.5″ 2.469 IC-0110
locality of IC-0101 pub N64°0′11.6″, W19°39′3.3″ 2.668 IC-0101
locality of IC-0108 pub N63°59′55.7″, W19°38′31.7″ 2.686 IC-0108
locality of IC-0216 pub N64°1′42.4″, W19°39′39.1″ 2.820 IC-0216
locality of IC-0217 pub N64°1′59.8″, W19°39′40.1″ 3.026 IC-0217
locality of IC-0218 pub N64°2′43.3″, W19°39′3.9″ 3.056 IC-0218
locality of IC-0212 pub N64°1′27.0″, W19°40′5.8″ 3.566 IC-0212
locality of IC-0219 pub N64°3′21.7″, W19°38′40.3″ 3.873 IC-0219
locality of IC-0107 pub N63°59′25.6″, W19°39′19.3″ 4.125 IC-0107
name spots global-id
name country feature distance (km)
Hringlandahraun Iceland lava area 1.542
Skjólkvíar Iceland crater(s) 1.860
Skjólkvíarhraun Iceland lava area 2.120
Litlahekla Iceland peak 3.316
Hekla Iceland volcano 3.753
Norðurbjallar Iceland mountains 3.871
Rauðaskál Iceland crater(s) 4.020
Mundafellshraun Iceland lava area 4.682
Sauðafellsvatn Iceland lake 5.363
Bjallar Iceland mountains 5.392