locality of 17FD01-13 < 20170613152052-466564 > pub
  • country: China
  • name: locality of 17FD01-13
  • latitude: N27°9′36.8″
  • longitude: E120°9′59.7″
  • description:
  • stone: 17FD01-13
  • modified at 2020-08-18
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
17FD01-13 pub chunk 660.78 g 20170613142233-813494
name distance (km) sample
locality of 17FD01-11 pub N27°9′36.8″, E120°9′59.7″ 0.000 17FD01-11
locality of 17FD01-6 pub N27°9′36.8″, E120°9′59.7″ 0.000 17FD01-6
locality of 17FD01-14 pub N27°9′36.8″, E120°9′59.7″ 0.000 17FD01-14
locality of 17FD01-10 pub N27°9′36.8″, E120°9′59.7″ 0.000 17FD01-10
locality of 17FD01-12 pub N27°9′36.8″, E120°9′59.7″ 0.000 17FD01-12
locality of 17FD01-7 pub N27°9′36.8″, E120°9′59.7″ 0.000 17FD01-7
locality of 17FD01-8 pub N27°9′36.0″, E120°9′59.7″ 0.025 17FD01-8
locality of 17FD01-9 pub N27°9′35.0″, E120°9′59.7″ 0.056 17FD01-9
locality of 17MX07-2 pub N26°20′35.6″, E117°16′12.7″ 334.975 17MX07-2
locality of 17MX07-1 pub N26°20′35.6″, E117°16′12.7″ 334.975 17MX07-1
name spots global-id
name country feature distance (km)
Shanhoucun China populated place 0.648
Zhulanjian China populated place 2.157
Yulincun China populated place 2.372
Kangshancun China populated place 2.421
Bailin China populated place 2.451
Lingtou China populated place 2.791
Wupuling China populated place 2.848
Guoyangcun China populated place 3.038
Dalaicun China populated place 3.401
Xialucun China populated place 3.554