locality of 17MX03-1 < 20170613152600-208972 > pub
  • country: China
  • name: locality of 17MX03-1
  • latitude: N26°18′49.6″
  • longitude: E117°5′2.0″
  • description:
  • stone: 17MX03-1
  • modified at 2020-08-18
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
17MX03-1 pub chunk 429.74 g 20170613142937-807398
name distance (km) sample
locality of 17MX02-3 pub N26°24′52.2″, E117°7′3.6″ 11.826 17MX02-3
locality of 17MX02-1 pub N26°24′55.4″, E117°7′2.3″ 11.907 17MX02-1
locality of 17MX02-2 pub N26°24′55.4″, E117°7′2.3″ 11.907 17MX02-2
locality of 17MX05-1 pub N26°24′9.6″, E117°10′2.7″ 13.578 17MX05-1
locality of 17MX05-2 pub N26°24′9.6″, E117°10′2.7″ 13.578 17MX05-2
locality of 17MX04-1 pub N26°24′59.2″, E117°9′43.6″ 14.368 17MX04-1
locality of 17MX08-1 pub N26°22′20.1″, E117°13′24.4″ 16.844 17MX08-1
locality of 17MX06-1 pub N26°19′15.5″, E117°15′51.2″ 20.091 17MX06-1
locality of 17MX07-2 pub N26°20′35.6″, E117°16′12.7″ 20.997 17MX07-2
locality of 17MX07-1 pub N26°20′35.6″, E117°16′12.7″ 20.997 17MX07-1
name spots global-id
name country feature distance (km)
Qingliuxinken Nongchang China farm village 0.863
Shucaocun China populated place 0.887
Sunfangcun China populated place 1.043
Linshe China seat of a fourth-order administrative division 1.280
Linshecun China populated place 1.305
Xiangyangcun China populated place 1.561
Zengfangcun China populated place 2.353
Shixiacun China populated place 2.674
Weijiashan China populated locality 2.866
Zhuwaliao China populated place 2.991