locality of 17ZJ17-2 < 20170613154149-787781 > pub
  • country: China
  • name: locality of 17ZJ17-2
  • latitude: N21°15′57.0″
  • longitude: E110°6′21.8″
  • description:
  • stone: 17ZJ17-2
  • modified at 2020-08-18
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
17ZJ17-2 pub chunk 522.26 g 20170613134453-352731
name distance (km) sample
locality of 17ZJ17-1 pub N21°15′57.0″, E110°6′21.8″ 0.000 17ZJ17-1
locality of 17ZJ18-1 pub N21°16′12.2″, E110°9′52.4″ 6.529 17ZJ18-1
locality of 17ZJ19-1 pub N21°18′2.3″, E110°11′43.6″ 10.678 17ZJ19-1
locality of 17ZJ20-2 pub N21°16′31.6″, E110°13′0.2″ 12.366 17ZJ20-2
locality of 17ZJ20-1 pub N21°16′31.6″, E110°13′0.2″ 12.366 17ZJ20-1
locality of 17ZJ20-3 pub N21°16′31.6″, E110°13′0.2″ 12.366 17ZJ20-3
locality of 17ZJ16-1 pub N21°8′58.6″, E110°17′24.8″ 24.242 17ZJ16-1
locality of 17ZJ16-3 pub N21°8′58.6″, E110°17′24.8″ 24.242 17ZJ16-3
locality of 17ZJ16-2 pub N21°8′58.6″, E110°17′24.8″ 24.242 17ZJ16-2
locality of 17ZZ12-1 pub N24°14′14.7″, E117°57′42.4″ 933.869 17ZZ12-1
name spots global-id
name country feature distance (km)
Gounancun China populated place 1.905
Chating China farm village 2.039
Shuangchacun China populated place 2.437
Xianlundui China farm village 3.330
Luomatan Shuiku China reservoir(s) 3.783
Maitancun China populated place 3.825
Xintiancun China populated place 3.861
Nanqiutang China populated place 4.414
Xitangcun China populated place 4.434
Xintangcun China populated place 4.732