locality of 17ZZ12-1 < 20170613155040-511436 > pub
  • country: China
  • name: locality of 17ZZ12-1
  • latitude: N24°14′14.7″
  • longitude: E117°57′42.4″
  • description:
  • stone: 17ZZ12-1
  • modified at 2020-08-18
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
17ZZ12-1 pub chunk 554.77 g 20170613135813-317474
name distance (km) sample
locality of 17ZZ14-1 pub N24°14′28.1″, E117°58′29.5″ 1.514 17ZZ14-1
locality of 17ZZ11-2 pub N24°13′15.8″, E118°2′26.0″ 8.957 17ZZ11-2
locality of 17ZZ11-3 pub N24°13′15.8″, E118°2′26.0″ 8.957 17ZZ11-3
locality of 17ZZ11-1 pub N24°13′15.8″, E118°2′26.0″ 8.957 17ZZ11-1
locality of 17ZZ09-1 pub N24°14′57.7″, E118°5′41.6″ 14.877 17ZZ09-1
locality of 17ZZ09-2 pub N24°14′57.7″, E118°5′41.6″ 14.877 17ZZ09-2
locality of 17ZZ10-1 pub N24°16′20.2″, E118°8′19.5″ 20.079 17ZZ10-1
locality of 17ZZ00-1 pub N24°16′20.2″, E118°8′19.5″ 20.079 17ZZ00-1
locality of 17MX06-1 pub N26°19′15.5″, E117°15′51.2″ 244.577 17MX06-1
locality of 17MX07-2 pub N26°20′35.6″, E117°16′12.7″ 246.719 17MX07-2
name spots global-id
name country feature distance (km)
Dashecun China populated place 1.061
Qianting China populated place 1.279
Xuzicun China populated place 1.365
Menkoushan China populated place 2.418
Yangwei China populated place 2.648
Qianting Gang China harbor(s) 2.857
Nanfanglou China populated place 2.956
Xianducun China populated place 3.058
Liuxia China populated place 3.160
Liaoziping China populated place 3.180