locality of サントリーフーズ < 20181112170655-976775 > pub
  • country: Japan
  • name: locality of サントリーフーズ
  • latitude: N35°40′33.7″
  • longitude: E139°46′7.4″
  • description:
  • stone: サントリーフーズ
  • modified at 2018-12-12
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サントリーフーズ pub liquid 20181112170327-235212
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locality of キリンビバレッジ pub N35°41′56.5″, E139°46′38.7″ 2.737 キリンビバレッジ
locality of Kirin Mt. Fuji pub N35°20′16.6″, E138°53′50.2″ 104.052 Kirin Mt. Fuji
locality of Suntory Alps pub N35°49′36.3″, E138°18′1.7″ 164.303 Suntory Alps
Miyake-jima pub N34°4′45.0″, E139°31′0.0″ 179.961 MYK-1 (#7/6)
representative point of the Hayachine-Miyamori ophiolitic complex pub N39°33′29.5″, E141°29′20.0″ 472.507 98072902-1-4 980731042-a
locality of OY pub N35°28′0.0″, E135°7′60.0″ 516.532 OY
yakuno pub N35°19′44.0″, E134°56′13.0″ 539.248 Yakuno basalt
HYO-08 pub N35°20′52.1″, E134°54′45.7″ 541.795 HYO-08
HYO-15 pub N35°35′30.8″, E134°48′41.0″ 551.927 HYO-15
HYO-09 pub N35°28′17.8″, E134°47′9.6″ 555.137 HYO-09
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