locality of TD-1826A_K < 20191129133306-689163 > pub
  • country: Ethiopia
  • name: locality of TD-1826A_K
  • latitude: N5°50′32.0″
  • longitude: E37°54′4.0″
  • description:
  • stone: TD-1826A_K
  • modified at 2020-01-15
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
TD-1826A_K pub 20191129133241-791471
name distance (km) sample
Getra-Kele pub N5°50′32.0″, E37°54′4.0″ 0.000 TD-1825 TD-1826A TD-1826B
locality of TD-1825_K pub N5°50′32.0″, E37°54′4.0″ 0.000 TD-1825_K
locality of TD-1826B_K pub N5°50′32.0″, E37°54′4.0″ 0.000 TD-1826B_K
locality of TD-1817_K pub N5°42′56.0″, E37°42′56.0″ 25.010 TD-1817_K
Getra-Kele pub N5°42′56.0″, E37°42′56.0″ 25.010 TD-1817
Tosa-Sucha pub N5°57′53.0″, E37°39′19.0″ 30.575 TD-1842
locality of TD-1842_K pub N5°57′53.0″, E37°39′19.0″ 30.575 TD-1842_K
Tosa-Sucha pub N5°58′4.0″, E37°39′12.0″ 30.922 TD-1841
locality of TD-1839_Te-is pub N5°58′6.0″, E37°36′0.0″ 36.341 TD-1839_Te-is
locality of TD-1839_K pub N5°58′6.0″, E37°36′0.0″ 36.341 TD-1839_K
name spots global-id
name country feature distance (km)
Derba Ethiopia populated place 0.737
Ganna Ethiopia populated place 2.152
Uatzo Ethiopia populated place 4.725
Hailu Ethiopia populated place 7.087
Amaro Special Woreda Ethiopia second-order administrative division 7.420
Chirme Ethiopia populated place 7.593
Delo Ethiopia mountain 7.821
Aicuri Ethiopia populated place 8.317
Giascia Ethiopia populated place 8.677
Bale Ethiopia populated place 10.122