locality of TD-1833_K < 20191129134705-697760 > pub
  • country: Ethiopia
  • name: locality of TD-1833_K
  • latitude: N5°37′58.0″
  • longitude: E37°37′26.0″
  • description:
  • stone: TD-1833_K
  • modified at 2020-01-15
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
TD-1833_K pub 20191129134635-537050
name distance (km) sample
Getra-Kele pub N5°37′58.0″, E37°37′26.0″ 0.000 TD-1833
locality of TD-1817_K pub N5°42′56.0″, E37°42′56.0″ 13.749 TD-1817_K
Getra-Kele pub N5°42′56.0″, E37°42′56.0″ 13.749 TD-1817
Tosa-Sucha pub N5°57′53.0″, E37°39′19.0″ 37.117 TD-1842
locality of TD-1842_K pub N5°57′53.0″, E37°39′19.0″ 37.117 TD-1842_K
Tosa-Sucha pub N5°58′4.0″, E37°39′12.0″ 37.436 TD-1841
locality of TD-1839_Te-is pub N5°58′6.0″, E37°36′0.0″ 37.448 TD-1839_Te-is
locality of TD-1839_K pub N5°58′6.0″, E37°36′0.0″ 37.448 TD-1839_K
Southern Main Ethiopian Rift pub N5°58′6.0″, E37°36′0.0″ 37.448 TD-1839
Tosa-Sucha pub N5°58′17.0″, E37°35′29.0″ 37.867 TD-1838
name spots global-id
name country feature distance (km)
Gumaydo Ethiopia populated place 1.520
Cabura Ethiopia populated place 2.246
Edulei Ethiopia mountain 5.623
Faggi Ethiopia populated place 6.770
Gireshī Ethiopia populated place 8.064
Gumaydo Bota Ethiopia locality 8.751
Gomedē Bota Ethiopia locality 9.735
Fangala Ethiopia populated place 11.296
Segen Peoples Ethiopia second-order administrative division 11.973
Zokzik Ethiopia populated place 12.333