locality of DHA-45 K < 20191203105512-074261 > pub
  • country: Ethiopia
  • name: locality of DHA-45 K
  • latitude: N10°43′33.0″
  • longitude: E40°40′59.0″
  • description:
  • stone: DHA-45 K
  • modified at 2020-01-15
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
DHA-45 K pub powder 1.8 g 20191111143227-550781
name distance (km) sample
Afar pub N10°43′33.0″, E40°40′59.0″ 0.000 DHA-45
locality of DHA-44 pub N10°52′25.0″, E40°41′13.9″ 16.457 DHA-44
Afar pub N10°32′5.0″, E40°43′49.0″ 21.914 DHA-46
locality of DHA-42 pub N11°7′23.9″, E40°45′38.9″ 45.085 DHA-42
Afar pub N11°12′53.0″, E40°44′27.0″ 54.802 DHA-41
locality of DHA-41 K pub N11°12′53.0″, E40°44′27.0″ 54.802 DHA-41 K
Afar pub N11°2′8.0″, E41°11′8.0″ 65.709 DHA-43
Afar pub N11°22′7.0″, E40°43′57.0″ 71.765 DHA-40
locality of DHA-40 K pub N11°22′7.0″, E40°43′57.0″ 71.765 DHA-40 K
locality of DHA-28 pub N11°24′14.0″, E40°42′49.0″ 75.557 DHA-28
name spots global-id
name country feature distance (km)
Trena Ethiopia populated place 6.077
Barri Ethiopia populated place 17.374
Aa Ethiopia intermittent stream 21.828
Lerome Ethiopia intermittent stream 22.719
Jara Shet’ Ethiopia stream 23.429
Dewē Shet’ Ethiopia stream 25.562
Burka Ethiopia populated place 26.121
Dulale Ethiopia populated place 29.345
Musceinta Ethiopia intermittent stream 29.868
Gialdi Ethiopia intermittent stream 29.868