locality of T05-13 < 20191218132611-217329 > pub
  • country: Russia
  • name: locality of T05-13
  • latitude: N67°47′15.6″
  • longitude: E168°38′38.4″
  • description:
  • stone: T05-13
  • modified at 2020-01-06
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
T05-13 pub on mount 2.6 g 20181030110747-745063
name distance (km) sample
locality of T05-24 pub N67°38′25.6″, E169°12′39.4″ 65.205 T05-24
locality of Y-8 pub N45°11′53.0″, E141°16′13.0″ 3773.461 Y-8
locality of Y-19 pub N45°11′53.0″, E141°16′13.0″ 3773.461 Y-19
locality of Y-3 pub N45°11′52.0″, E141°16′12.0″ 3773.499 Y-3
locality of Y-2a pub N45°11′52.0″, E141°16′12.0″ 3773.499 Y-2a
locality of Y-9 pub N45°11′49.0″, E141°16′7.0″ 3773.654 Y-9
locality of Af 5 pub N45°10′55.4″, E141°16′47.0″ 3773.681 Af 5
locality of Af 1b pub N45°10′44.0″, E141°16′52.0″ 3773.762 Af 1b
locality of Af 4b pub N45°10′53.0″, E141°16′21.0″ 3774.274 Af 4b
locality of Af 6 pub N45°10′58.0″, E141°16′15.0″ 3774.319 Af 6
name spots global-id
name country feature distance (km)
Ozero Rauchuvagytkhyn Russia lake 3.854
Ozero Tytyl’ Russia lake 31.570
Gora Ionay Russia mountain 33.638
Ozero Verkhniy Ilirneygytgyn Russia lake 35.611
Gora Khrebtovaya Russia mountain 38.535
Gora Belaya Russia mountain 41.591
Gory Pylvyntykuyvin Russia mountains 46.309
Aliskerovo Russia populated place 47.132
Ozero Nizhniy Ilirneygytgyn Russia lake 50.662
Mayngy-Poutuvan Russia stream 50.723