locality of LN52 < 20200226151857-863062 > pub
  • country: Italy
  • name: locality of LN52
  • latitude: N45°15′39.0″
  • longitude: E7°27′49.0″
  • description:
  • stone: LN52
  • modified at 2020-04-13
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
LN52 pub hand specimen 0.455 kg 20200226144358-140640
name distance (km) sample
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°15′39.0″, E7°27′49.0″ 0.000 LN52_clean room
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°15′49.0″, E7°27′50.0″ 0.311 LN50_clean room
locality of N50 pub N45°15′49.0″, E7°27′50.0″ 0.311 LN50
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°15′49.0″, E7°27′45.0″ 0.333 LN63_clean room
locality of LN63 pub N45°15′49.0″, E7°27′45.0″ 0.333 LN63
locality of LN60 pub N45°15′41.0″, E7°27′37.0″ 0.376 LN60
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°15′50.0″, E7°27′42.0″ 0.403 LN62
locality of HA5 pub N45°15′52.0″, E7°27′48.0″ 0.403 HA5
locality of HA6 pub N45°15′49.0″, E7°27′39.0″ 0.437 HA6
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°15′47.0″, E7°27′37.0″ 0.446 LN38_clean room
name spots global-id
name country feature distance (km)
Pian Castagna Italy populated place 0.760
Germagnano Italy seat of a third-order administrative division 0.779
Germagnano Italy third-order administrative division 0.861
Pian Bausano Italy populated place 0.914
Funghera Italy populated place 1.282
Margaula Italy populated place 1.394
Fontana del Monte Italy populated place 1.561
Momello Italy populated place 1.666
Colbeltramo Italy populated place 1.798
Rozello Italy populated place 1.871