locality of LN60 < 20200226152039-798858 > pub
  • country: Italy
  • name: locality of LN60
  • latitude: N45°15′41.0″
  • longitude: E7°27′37.0″
  • description:
  • stone: LN60
  • modified at 2020-04-13
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
LN60 pub hand specimen 1.01 kg 20200226144412-185753
name distance (km) sample
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°15′47.0″, E7°27′37.0″ 0.186 LN38_clean room
locality of LN38 pub N45°15′47.0″, E7°27′37.0″ 0.186 LN38
locality of HA6 pub N45°15′49.0″, E7°27′39.0″ 0.255 HA6
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°15′50.0″, E7°27′42.0″ 0.318 LN62
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°15′51.0″, E7°27′32.0″ 0.346 LN54_clean room
locality of LN54 pub N45°15′51.0″, E7°27′32.0″ 0.346 LN54
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°15′49.0″, E7°27′45.0″ 0.350 LN63_clean room
locality of LN63 pub N45°15′49.0″, E7°27′45.0″ 0.350 LN63
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°15′39.0″, E7°27′49.0″ 0.376 LN52_clean room
locality of LN52 pub N45°15′39.0″, E7°27′49.0″ 0.376 LN52
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name country feature distance (km)