locality of LN72 < 20200227101458-258434 > pub
  • country: Italy
  • name: locality of LN72
  • latitude: N45°15′58.0″
  • longitude: E7°27′21.0″
  • description:
  • stone: LN72
  • modified at 2020-04-13
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
LN72 pub hand specimen 0.865 kg 20200226144756-814087
name distance (km) sample
locality of LN73 pub N45°15′58.0″, E7°27′21.0″ 0.000 LN73
locality of LN71 pub N45°15′52.0″, E7°27′22.0″ 0.188 LN71
locality of LN68 pub N45°15′50.0″, E7°27′23.0″ 0.255 LN68
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°15′59.0″, E7°27′30.0″ 0.280 LN55_clean room
locality of LN55 pub N45°15′59.0″, E7°27′30.0″ 0.280 LN55
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°15′58.0″, E7°27′34.0″ 0.402 LN58_clean room
locality of LN58 pub N45°15′58.0″, E7°27′34.0″ 0.402 LN58
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°15′51.0″, E7°27′32.0″ 0.403 LN54_clean room
locality of LN54 pub N45°15′51.0″, E7°27′32.0″ 0.403 LN54
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°16′5.0″, E7°27′32.0″ 0.403 LN57_clean room
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name country feature distance (km)