locality of LN73 < 20200227101544-725196 > pub
  • country: Italy
  • name: locality of LN73
  • latitude: N45°15′58.0″
  • longitude: E7°27′21.0″
  • description:
  • stone: LN73
  • modified at 2020-04-13
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
LN73 pub hand specimen 1.145 kg 20200226144812-773844
name distance (km) sample
locality of LN72 pub N45°15′58.0″, E7°27′21.0″ 0.000 LN72
locality of LN71 pub N45°15′52.0″, E7°27′22.0″ 0.188 LN71
locality of LN68 pub N45°15′50.0″, E7°27′23.0″ 0.255 LN68
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°15′59.0″, E7°27′30.0″ 0.280 LN55_clean room
locality of LN55 pub N45°15′59.0″, E7°27′30.0″ 0.280 LN55
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°15′58.0″, E7°27′34.0″ 0.402 LN58_clean room
locality of LN58 pub N45°15′58.0″, E7°27′34.0″ 0.402 LN58
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°15′51.0″, E7°27′32.0″ 0.403 LN54_clean room
locality of LN54 pub N45°15′51.0″, E7°27′32.0″ 0.403 LN54
North Lanzo Massive pub N45°16′5.0″, E7°27′32.0″ 0.403 LN57_clean room
name spots global-id
name country feature distance (km)
Fontana del Monte Italy populated place 0.594
Momello Italy populated place 0.600
Funghera Italy populated place 0.603
Margaula Italy populated place 0.676
Pian Bausano Italy populated place 0.837
Germagnano Italy third-order administrative division 1.012
Germagnano Italy seat of a third-order administrative division 1.030
Pian Castagna Italy populated place 1.180
Rozello Italy populated place 1.461
Lanzo Torinese Italy third-order administrative division 1.586