locality of Y-8 < 20210127005354-370848 > pub
  • country:
  • name: locality of Y-8
  • latitude: N45°11′53.0″
  • longitude: E141°16′13.0″
  • description:
  • stone: Y-8
  • modified at 2021-01-27
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
Y-8 pub hand specimen 20151126084152-524252
name distance (km) sample
locality of Y-19 pub N45°11′53.0″, E141°16′13.0″ 0.000 Y-19
locality of Y-3 pub N45°11′52.0″, E141°16′12.0″ 0.044 Y-3
locality of Y-2a pub N45°11′52.0″, E141°16′12.0″ 0.044 Y-2a
locality of Y-9 pub N45°11′49.0″, E141°16′7.0″ 0.223 Y-9
locality of Af 9 pub N45°11′2.0″, E141°15′58.0″ 1.644 Af 9
locality of Af 6 pub N45°10′58.0″, E141°16′15.0″ 1.702 Af 6
locality of Af 7b pub N45°10′55.0″, E141°16′12.0″ 1.794 Af 7b
locality of Af 4b pub N45°10′53.0″, E141°16′21.0″ 1.872 Af 4b
locality of Af 5 pub N45°10′55.4″, E141°16′47.0″ 2.068 Af 5
locality of Af 1b pub N45°10′44.0″, E141°16′52.0″ 2.451 Af 1b
name spots global-id
name country feature distance (km)
Rishir-ifuji Chō Japan third-order administrative division 1.734
Ochūshinai Japan populated locality 2.493
Chōkan Yama Japan mountain 2.578
Ochiushinai Gawa Japan intermittent stream 2.799
Hōryōzawa Gawa Japan intermittent stream 2.824
Rishiridake Yamagoya Japan hut 2.894
Rishiri Tō Japan island 3.025
Rishiri Zan Japan mountain 3.140
Nishindomari Japan populated place 3.142
Nozuka Japan populated locality 3.354