SNY2 < 20100805113122659.stokeshi > pub
  • country: Japan
  • name: SNY2
  • latitude: N34°23′19.1″
  • longitude: E132°59′26.9″
  • description: Locality of SNY2
  • stone: SNY2
  • modified at 2020-11-24
name physical-form quantity unit global-id
SNY2 pub aliquot 20100319091328428.stokeshi
name distance (km) sample
SNY-6 pub N34°30′44.6″, E132°48′32.0″ 24.492 SNY6
SER-07 pub N34°36′8.9″, E133°3′25.8″ 24.924 SER-07
SER-06 pub N34°37′2.1″, E133°2′36.3″ 26.114 SER-06
SER-05 pub N34°38′25.5″, E132°54′9.4″ 29.698 SER-05
SER-09 pub N34°40′20.1″, E133°5′13.2″ 33.338 SER-09
SNY-16 pub N34°35′16.1″, E133°22′17.8″ 47.839 SNY16
SNY15 pub N34°34′2.1″, E133°23′0.9″ 48.032 SNY15
KIB-05 pub N34°44′54.1″, E133°19′1.3″ 54.058 KIB-05
locality of SER-11 pub N34°51′5.0″, E132°50′1.3″ 54.401 SER-11
KIB-06 pub N34°46′30.4″, E133°19′45.3″ 57.186 KIB-06
name spots global-id
name country feature distance (km)
Hongō Japan populated place 1.267
Minamigata Japan section of populated place 2.168
Hongō-eki Japan railroad station 2.187
Shimokitagata Japan section of populated place 2.456
Hongō-chō Japan administrative division 3.654
Nagatani Japan section of populated place 4.129
Nuta Japan section of populated place 4.881
Tanora Japan section of populated place 5.271
Shinkura Japan section of populated place 5.306
Tadanoumi-higashimachi Japan populated place 5.633