Space Environment/The Itokawa LL5 asteroid < 20110416135129-112-853 > pub
1: en-ol-E003b(major@Ol 2: en-ol-E003b(major@en) 3: ol-93-b2(major@Ol) 4: ol-93-b2(major@pl) 5: en-px-K002-b (major@Di) 6: en-px-K002-b (major@pl) 7: en-px-K002-b (major@kfs) 8: en-px-E002-b(major@Px

1: en-ol-E003b 2: ol-93-b2 3: ol-93-b2(Ol0.8Pl0.2@720) 4: ol-93-b2(Ol0.8Pl0.2@721) 5: ol-93-b2(Ol0.6Pl0.4@723) 6: en-px-K002-b 7: en-px-K002-b (Di@756) 8: en-px-K002-b (Pl@765) 9: en-px-E002-b 10: en-px-E002-b(Px@783)

(a) SIMS on SIMS Cameca ims-1270
1: en-ol-E003b(trace@Ol0.5-Px0.5) 2: ol-93-b2(traceOl@2) 3: ol-93-b2(traceOl0.9Pl0.1@3) 4: ol-93-b2(tracePl@4) 5: ol-93-b2(tracePl0.3Ol0.7@5) 6: ol-93-b2(tracePl0.6Ol0.4@6) 7: en-px-K002-b(traceDi@7) 8: en-px-K002-b(traceDi@8) 9: en-px-K002-b(tracePl@9) 10: en-px-K002-b(tracePl0.95Di0.05@10) 11: en-px-E002-b(tracePx@11) 12: en-px-E002-b(tracePx@12) 13: en-px-E002-b(tracePx@13)

(b) SIMS on SIMS Cameca ims-5f
1: E004-24-8 2: E004-24-9 3: E004-22-5 4: E004-22-6 5: E004-23-7 6: E004-pos45deg50T-2 7: E004-pos0deg0t-1-2 8: E004-AG-1-1

Quantity of The Itokawa LL5 asteroid is
(was unknown) and loss was 0.0 g after operation .
place quantity
name device global-id
in-situ major for Pl (grain B) pub 9 on ol-93-b2(major@pl) pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20120223181117-211-514
in-situ trace for Ol0.5 low-Ca Px0.5 pub 14 on en-ol-E003b(trace@Ol0.5-Px0.5) pub SIMS Cameca ims-5f 20120222192429-444-319
In-situ trace for Ol0.9Pl0.1@3 pub 5 on ol-93-b2(traceOl0.9Pl0.1@3) pub SIMS Cameca ims-5f 20120224161128-881-454
In-situ trace for Ol@2 pub 14 on ol-93-b2(traceOl@2) pub SIMS Cameca ims-5f 20120224161128-468-643
In-situ trace for Pl@4 pub 12 on ol-93-b2(tracePl@4) pub SIMS Cameca ims-5f 20120224161128-138-577
In-situ trace for Pl0.3Ol0.7@5 pub 6 on ol-93-b2(tracePl0.3Ol0.7@5) pub SIMS Cameca ims-5f 20120224161128-313-215
In-situ trace for Di@7 pub 15 on en-px-K002-b(traceDi@7) pub SIMS Cameca ims-5f 20120224165505-011-632
In-situ trace for Di@8 pub 29 on en-px-K002-b(traceDi@8) pub SIMS Cameca ims-5f 20120224165505-288-138
In-situ trace for diaplectic Pl@9 pub 26 on en-px-K002-b(tracePl@9) pub SIMS Cameca ims-5f 20120224165505-185-048
In-situ trace for Pl0.95Di0.05@10 pub 3 on en-px-K002-b(tracePl0.95Di0.05@10) pub SIMS Cameca ims-5f 20120224165506-316-241
In-situ trace for low-Ca Px@11 pub 13 on en-px-E002-b(tracePx@11) pub SIMS Cameca ims-5f 20120224171743-453-301
In-situ trace for low-Ca Px@12 pub 2 on en-px-E002-b(tracePx@12) pub SIMS Cameca ims-5f 20120224171743-270-386
In-situ trace for low-Ca Px@13 pub 3 on en-px-E002-b(tracePx@13) pub SIMS Cameca ims-5f 20120224171743-978-832
in-situ major for low-Ca Px (grain D) pub 9 on en-px-E002-b(major@Px pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20110524100614-070-354
in-situ O isotope for Di@755 pub 3 on en-px-K002-b pub SIMS Cameca ims-1270 20110520073816-799-968
in-situ O isotope for low-Ca Px@782 pub 3 on en-px-E002-b pub SIMS Cameca ims-1270 20110524102434-601-562
in-situ O isotope for diaplectic plagioclase@765 pub 3 on en-px-K002-b (Pl@765) pub SIMS Cameca ims-1270 20110520074012-809-874
in-situ O isotope for Ol0.95Pl0.05@694 pub 3 on ol-93-b2 pub SIMS Cameca ims-1270 20120223193244-229-984
in-situ O isotope for Ol0.8Pl0.2@721 pub 3 on ol-93-b2(Ol0.8Pl0.2@721) pub SIMS Cameca ims-1270 20120223193537-455-422
in-situ O isotope for Ol0.6Pl0.4@723 pub 3 on ol-93-b2(Ol0.6Pl0.4@723) pub SIMS Cameca ims-1270 20120223193712-447-283
in-situ major for Kfs (grain C) pub 7 on en-px-K002-b (major@kfs) pub SEM-EDS JEOL JSM-7001F 20181219101611-877512
in-situ major for Ol (grain B) pub 5 on ol-93-b2(major@Ol) pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20181219143354-970504
in-situ major for low-Ca Px (grain A) pub 8 on en-ol-E003b(major@en) pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20181219093741-080896
in-situ O isotope for Ol0.5 low-Ca Px0.5 pub 3 on en-ol-E003b pub SIMS Cameca ims-1270 20120222194521-900-286
in-situ O isotope for Ol0.8Pl0.2@720 pub 3 on ol-93-b2(Ol0.8Pl0.2@720) pub SIMS Cameca ims-1270 20120223193413-873-104
in-situ O isotope for Di@756 pub 3 on en-px-K002-b (Di@756) pub SIMS Cameca ims-1270 20110520073916-637-498
in-situ major for Ol (grain A) pub 5 on en-ol-E003b(major@Ol pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20181219093228-229439
in-situ SiO2@3 pub 1 on ol-93-b2(traceOl0.9Pl0.1@3) pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20181219140058-578587
in-situ trace for Pl0.6Ol0.4@6 pub 6 on ol-93-b2(tracePl0.6Ol0.4@6) pub SIMS Cameca ims-5f 20181219145943-625527
in-situ SiO2@6 pub 1 on ol-93-b2(tracePl0.6Ol0.4@6) pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20181219150001-281976
in-situ SiO2@5 pub 1 on ol-93-b2(tracePl0.3Ol0.7@5) pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20181219145428-800838
in-situ SiO2@7 pub 1 on en-px-K002-b(traceDi@7) pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20181219150923-932038
in-situ SiO2@9 pub 1 on en-px-K002-b(tracePl@9) pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20181219152002-780910
in-situ SiO2@11 pub 1 on en-px-E002-b(tracePx@11) pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20181219152658-240030
in-situ SiO2@13 pub 1 on en-px-E002-b(tracePx@13) pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20181219152721-048069
in-situ major for diaplectic plagioclase (grain C) pub 8 on en-px-K002-b (major@pl) pub SEM-EDS JEOL JSM-7001F 20120223183145-756-686
in-situ major for Di (grain C) pub 10 on en-px-K002-b (major@Di) pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20110524114438-320-176
E004-24-8 pub 6 on E004-24-8 pub SEM-EDS JEOL JSM-7001F 20181220105401-636024
E004-24-9 pub 8 on E004-24-9 pub SEM-EDS JEOL JSM-7001F 20181220105401-887549
E004-22-5 pub 4 on E004-22-5 pub SEM-EDS JEOL JSM-7001F 20181220105401-686678
E004-22-6 pub 7 on E004-22-6 pub SEM-EDS JEOL JSM-7001F 20181220105401-851783
E004-23-7 pub 7 on E004-23-7 pub SEM-EDS JEOL JSM-7001F 20181220105401-189154
E004-pos45deg50T-2 pub 6 on E004-pos45deg50T-2 pub SEM-EDS JEOL JSM-7001F 20181220105401-257806
in-situ O isotope for low-Ca Px@783 pub 3 on en-px-E002-b(Px@783) pub SIMS Cameca ims-1270 20110524103255-303-452
in-situ SiO2 pub 1 on en-ol-E003b(trace@Ol0.5-Px0.5) pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20181219121517-863630
in-situ SiO2@2 pub 1 on ol-93-b2(traceOl@2) pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20181219140937-240830
in-situ SiO2@4 pub 1 on ol-93-b2(tracePl@4) pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20181219144917-729637
in-situ SiO2@8 pub 1 on en-px-K002-b(traceDi@8) pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20181219151457-242642
in-situ SiO2@10 pub 1 on en-px-K002-b(tracePl0.95Di0.05@10) pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20181219152044-573720
in-situ SiO2@12 pub 1 on en-px-E002-b(tracePx@12) pub EPMA JEOL JXA-8800R 20181219152711-183903
E004-pos0deg0t-1-2 pub 7 on E004-pos0deg0t-1-2 pub SEM-EDS JEOL JSM-7001F 20181220105402-014515
E004-AG-1-1 pub 4 on E004-AG-1-1 pub SEM-EDS JEOL JSM-7001F 20181220105402-027316
name global-id
Nakamura et al. (2012) Space environment of an asteroid preserved on micrograins returned by the Hayabusa spacecraft, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 101, E624-E629, doi:10.1073/pnas.1116236109. 20120224095412-627-620
name spots global-id
Itokawa thumb itokawa.jpg pub 0 20110416135215-285-271