name parent quantity quantity-unit ▲ physical-form classification group updated-at description
Img 5303 thumb DHA-13b pub DHA-13 Ethiopia 2019-10-25
Img 5305 thumb DHA-16b pub DHA-16 Ethiopia 2019-10-25
Img 5300 thumb DHA-34 pub DHA-34 Ethiopia 2019-10-25
Img 5282 thumb DHA-40 pub DHA-40 powder Ethiopia 2019-10-25
Img 5285 thumb DHA-26 pub DHA-26 powder Ethiopia 2019-10-25
Img 5280 thumb DHA-20 pub DHA-20 powder Ethiopia 2019-10-25
Img 5281 thumb DHA-45 pub DHA-45 powder Ethiopia 2019-10-25
Img 5801 thumb HW8-1 pub HW8-1 chunk volcanic:basaltic Hawaii 2020-04-06 Kilauea-Iki lava
Cpx sax39c thumb cpx-sax39c pub grain mineral:pyroxene ref 2019-08-07
Img 5284 thumb DHA-1 pub DHA-1 powder Ethiopia 2019-10-25
Img 5800 thumb HW39 pub HW39 chunk volcanic:basaltic Hawaii 2020-04-06 Big Island, Kilauea, Mauna Ulu, West of Pu'u Huluhulu
Img 5373 thumb CBK200-b pub CBK-200 chunk chondrite:ordinary meteorite 2017-03-16 originally, 1.10551 g in total, but small pieces left as of 2014-07-08.
Img 5786 thumb HW18 pub HW18 chunk volcanic:basaltic Hawaii 2020-04-06 Kilauea; Mauna Ulu 1972 lava
Img 5791 thumb HW7-2 pub HW7-2 chunk volcanic:basaltic Hawaii 2020-04-06
Img 2374 thumb DR1A1 (glass) pub DR1A1-powder chunk synthetic:glass pml 2020-07-17 This stone is glass re-molten to homogenize chemical compositions.
The Dhofar 836 ureilite asteroid pub asteroid meteorite meteorite 2016-03-23
The NWA 2376 ureilite asteroid pub asteroid meteorite meteorite 2016-03-23
Oivenza (Table 21- major) pub The Olivenza LL5 asteroid meteorite 2020-05-01
The Sahara 97103 EH3 asteroid pub asteroid meteorite meteorite 2016-03-23
TS CBK200-d pub CBK200-b thin section chondrite:ordinary meteorite 2021-05-13
The Eagle EL6 asteroid pub asteroid meteorite meteorite 2016-03-23
0901 4  2  pl lherzolite tz thumb 0901-4b pub 0901-4b thin section plutonic:ultramafic NE Japan 2019-04-04 Pl-Lherzolite from Horoman
Img 0861 thumb BK02 pub hand specimen volcanic:basaltic Cameroon 2020-05-08 Bioko, Baney; Basalt
Tixhr 109088430 thumb OSF1 pub thin section volcanic:basaltic NE Japan 2020-05-01 Izu arc lava; depth to Wadati-Benioff zone is 150 km
RTG-C5-WR pub RTG-C5 pml 2020-04-24