name parent ▲ quantity quantity-unit physical-form classification group updated-at description
The Cold Bokkeveld CM2 asteroid pub asteroid meteorite meteorite 2016-03-23
7716 54 thumb 7716-54 DXF pub thin section sedimentary pml 2019-12-12 Dixon Island Formation; Komatiite-Rhyolite tuff member; Altered greenish volcanics
Ti hr218351739 thumb DBDH-3 pub 177.16 g hand specimen volcanic:basaltic Ethiopia 2020-01-15 transitional basalt
Img 7305 thumb 1002 pub 0.335 kg aliquot volcanic:andesitic pml 2020-02-13 Lava of Om stage (older stratovolcano formation stage, middle substage)
HW39_3-1_Ol pub pml 2020-04-06
Tixhr 209787684 thumb Kr 47 pub 84.31 g hand specimen volcanic NE Japan 2020-02-13 Rishiri, Tanetomi lava, Upper lava (UL2)
HW30_B3-2_melt inclusion pub pml 2020-04-06
Img 9699@d3380992a7fca38433e81a3 thumb KUR-6 pub 1.355 kg hand specimen volcanic:andesitic SW Japan 2020-11-24 Kurayoshi
Tixhr 2050275213 thumb PU-W-07-B pub 185.89 g solution aqueous pml 2019-11-27 Puga geothermal field; fluid fraction of centrifuged and filtered mud sample; corresponds to sample "PU_07BF" in Steller et al., 2019
Tixhr 1001036878 thumb ESC3 pub 10.25209 g powder igneous pml 2020-01-06 Escondida district; ore-bearing porphyries; dacitic quartz-feldspar porphyry
Tixhr 2127908746 thumb 17MX03-1 pub 429.74 g chunk volcanic:basaltic China 2020-09-08 Mingxi; Inner volcanic belt
The Dar al Gani 521 CV3 asteroid pub asteroid meteorite meteorite 2016-03-23
S497-6_A7-1_Ol pub pml 2020-04-06
Img 7155@e994df577a2fc493921a41d thumb 02080501 pub hand specimen volcanic:rhyolitic pml 2019-12-13 Daisen volcanic field; Misen (17 Ka)
Img 3967 thumb IC-0101 pub 0.285 kg aliquot igneous Iceland 2017-08-03 No. 133
The Suizhou L6 asteroid pub asteroid meteorite meteorite 2016-03-23
Ti hr105196873 thumb 07-416 E pub 16.8 g solution biotic Cancer Lung samples 2019-11-05
Ic2305 thumb IC2305 pub 0.58 kg aliquot igneous Iceland 2019-06-27 Postglacial basalts from Askja
Tixhr1638305924 thumb YOH 7 pub 0.985 kg hand specimen plutonic:ultramafic NE Japan 2019-12-05 Mount Yoshida section, Horoman peridotite (Spinel lherzolite); described in Yoshikawa & Nakamura, 2000
Tixhr619302642 thumb 7938d >100# pub 0.02 kg coarse chips igneous NE Russia 2019-05-08 NE Russia, Chukotka peninsula, Berlozhya magmatic assemblage
Img 1289 thumb TG-1 pub 0.565 kg hand specimen volcanic:basaltic SW Japan 2020-11-24
Img 9440@8d0ba99b1c45764ebac4b16 thumb K3-2 pub hand specimen volcanic:basaltic pml 2020-02-10
Img 5247 thumb OGI-08 pub 0.58 kg hand specimen volcanic pml 2020-11-24
Id2403 thumb ID2403 pub 0.36 kg aliquot igneous Iceland 2019-06-27 Leave DREAM 1031 <20090219102620.hkitagawa> and enter Iceland C <20150929095606-198932> on 2015-09-29.
Tixhr887022129 thumb JA-2 pub powder volcanic:andesitic pml 2021-08-20 Geological Survey of Japan silicate reference material; andesite; split 9, position 56