name parent quantity quantity-unit physical-form classification group updated-at ▲ description
Tixhr1798714881 thumb OKUM pub 100.0 g powder volcanic:basaltic pml 2021-08-20 Komatiitic Basalt, Ontario; IAG Certified Reference Material; split no. 58
Img 8254@f5b90dee968da254789bff3 thumb BCR-2 pub powder volcanic:basaltic ref 2021-08-20
Tixhr 1512897544 thumb JB-1b pub powder volcanic:basaltic pml 2021-08-20 Geological Survey of Japan silicate reference material - basalt; split 2, position 244
Img 8255@fd978453fd4b62e245187e0 thumb AGV-2 pub powder volcanic:andesitic ref 2021-08-20
Tixhr887022129 thumb JA-2 pub powder volcanic:andesitic pml 2021-08-20 Geological Survey of Japan silicate reference material; andesite; split 9, position 56
Img 1856 thumb GSP-1 pub powder pml 2021-08-20 Split 74: Position 15
Tixhr 2054272387 thumb ref JSd-1 pub 60.17 g powder sedimentary pml 2021-08-20 Issued by the Geological Survey of Japan (GSJ)
C0047-1 pub C0047 64.0 ug grain Hayabusa2 2021-08-24
C0047-2 pub C0047 0.0 mg aliquot chondrite Hayabusa2 2021-08-24 This stone was used for noble gas analysis.
C0039-1 pub C0039 70.0 ug grain Hayabusa2 2021-08-24
C0079 6 s1 2d 0 thumb C0079-6-s1 pub C0079-6 aliquot Hayabusa2 2021-08-25 This stone is a surface prepared using a microtome.
C0039-5 pub C0039-1 597.0 ug grain Hayabusa2 2021-08-25 This stone is mounted in indium metal for in-situ observation and spectroscopy.
A0073-1 pub A0073 50.0 ug grain chondrite Hayabusa2 2021-08-25
Tixhr 529206681 thumb T06-22 pub T06-22 1.8 g on mount NE Russia 2021-08-27 NE Russia, Chukotka peninsula
C0019 11 20210831 thumb C0019-11 pub C0019-10 aliquot Hayabusa2 2021-08-31
C0027 8 20210831 thumb C0027-8 pub C0027-1 393.0 ug grain Hayabusa2 2021-08-31 This stone is for in-situ observation and spectroscopy.
C0081 1 opt thumb C0081-1-s1 pub C0081-1 0.0 g aliquot Hayabusa2 2021-09-15 This stone is a surface, prepared by using a microtome.
A0033-10 pub A0033-1 0.197 mg fraction Hayabusa2 2021-09-16
A0035-2 pub A0035-1 0.52 mg powder Hayabusa2 2021-09-16 This stone was prepared by microtome for silicate analysis.
A0085-5 pub A0085-1 0.141 mg powder Hayabusa2 2021-09-16
C0053-4 pub C0053-1 0.132 mg powder Hayabusa2 2021-09-16
A0022-4 pub A0022-1 0.372 mg fraction Hayabusa2 2021-09-16 This stone is for bulk trace element analysis
A0048-4 pub A0048-3 0.218 mg powder Hayabusa2 2021-09-16
A0078-16 pub A0078-1 0.177 mg fraction Hayabusa2 2021-09-16
C0008-11 pub C0008-1 0.282 mg fraction Hayabusa2 2021-09-16